What is the first thing that I should do when I receive my package?

Here is a list of things that you have to do when you receive your product. This will avoid you to end up out of the return policy in case your product is defect etc.. In this order: 

  • Take your license plate located outside the box. 
  • Open the box and control that every parts is there and that nothing on the body is broken due to transport. 
  • Without assembling the product, only plug the battery and check that the car turns on. 
  • Still without assembling completely the product. Install the motors (only the motors)
  • Finally: test the remote control. Still without assembling the rest of the vehicle. Switch off the vehicle. Follow the steps to connect the remote control. Once connected press the buttons to see if everything is working correctly.
  • If all those steps were a success, you can finish to assemble your product and enjoy. 

If one of those steps has failed please contact our customer service asap. Do not assemble further the product. 

Warning: An assembled product cannot be returned.