Terms & Conditions

    Terms & Conditions
    • An order placed before 15:30 will be shipped the same day. It can take 1 extra working day during busy periods. 
    • We do not have any communication with your customer. 
    • If you wish to drop ship a product, give your information in the section “billing address” and give the address of your customer in the section “delivery address”. We do not place any invoice in the box in this case. 
    • Our packages are being shipped with POSTNL or DHL. This depends on the size of the package. 
    • Delivery times: 

    Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium,Luxembourg): 1 working day 
    France: 2 to 3 working days 
    Portugal, Spain and Italy: 4 to 5 working days 
    United Kingdom, Sweden and Denmark: 3 to 4 working days 

    • We are not responsible if there is delay in the delivery of the package 
    • For shipment on the pallet, you can consult our prices here
    • Shipping costs*: 
    Netherlands €8,50
    Belgium €10,- 
    France € 24,- **
    Portugal € 26,- **
    Spain €24,- **
    Italy €25,-**
    Germany€15,- *
    United Kingdom and Austria €17,- *
    Sweden €28,-**
    Poland €18,- *

    *The prices above are per product. Exemple: if you order 2 products, you will have to pay 2x €8,50. Note: We are unable at checkout to charge you the shipping for each product. Therefore when you place your order you will have to pay only one time the shipping costs for one product. If you have order 2 products we will send you a payment link before sending your order so you can pay the shipping costs for the second vehicle. 

    ** Some countries ( with DHL) have some remote areas and therefore an extra costs will have to be pay. If a package has been delivered to a remote area you will receive afterward an invoice so you can pay the remaining shipping costs.  

    *** Some packages are above the regular dimensions (180x100x50cm) and above regular weight (between 31,5 kg and 50kg) in this case you will receive a payment link (once you have placed your order) to pay the extra costs for the surcharge. 

    • If a package is being returned to us you will be charged the costs the shipping costs + the price of the return of DHL/POST (this depends with who the package has travelled). 
    • In case of a damaged product received contact us within 2 working days following the date of delivery. We do not accept claims after this period.
    • Prijstechnisch BV do not accept returns from B2B customers.
    • Prijstechnisch BV is not responsible for the aftersale.
    • Prijstechnisch BV offers his knowledge regarding those products. However if a part has to be replaced. The costs will be at your own expenses.
    • In case of a damaged product and a part must be replaced. You can order it through us.
    • The vehicles are covered by a 6 months warranty on all electronics. The warranty does not cover: cosmetics such as stickers, the wheels, the steering wheel, the mirrors, the seat, the windshield.
    • All products comes with some dents or scratches, this happens during the manufacture due to the paint and to the fact that those products are plastic.
    • There is a warranty of 14 days on the battery and the charger.
    • To access our B2B portal, you must create an account, we will then grant you access so you can use fully our website. 
    • When placing your order you accept with an electronic signature our B2B- Drop shipping terms and conditions.
    • All payments must be received by us before shipping any products.